WAMIT files for ITI Energy Barge

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I am running simulations using OpenFAST v3.5 on the ITI Energy Barge. I want to see the effect of 2nd order wave on FOWT motion. Indeed, i read in Hydrodyn that 2nd order waves used for strip theory (2ND-ORDER WAVES section) are enabled differently from ones used by potential flow theory (2ND-ORDER FLOATING PLATFORM FORCES). Also, there are three ways to enable 2nd order forces (Mean drift, Newman and full difference frequency QTF). What about full summation -frequency QTF ? Also, when setting DiffQTF to 12 and SumQTF to 12 in HydroDyn input file and running the simulation, OpenFAST exits with an error saying that the .12d WAMIT required by DiffQTF is missed. In fact, i searched for the file in the corresponding repository and it is missing.
My questions are : Does my understanding is correct ? Am i enabling 2nd order forces correctly in OpenFAST? Does anyone has all WAMIT files for the 5MW barge FOWT ?

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Dear @Riad.Elhamoud,

I agree with your summary. (Note that the full second-order difference-frequency QTFs are specified via DiffQTF and the full second-order sum-frequency QTFs are specified via SumQTF.)

That said; NREL has not generated second-order potential-flow solutions in WAMIT for the ITI Energy Barge. You’ll have to generate these yourself if you wish to enabled the second-order potential-flow solution in HydroDyn.

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