Verify FAST simulation results using field testing results

Dear Jason,

I have the questions on how to verify the FAST simulation results using the field testing measurements. If I have turbine field test measurements, say the CART3, I can feed the real wind speed data into FAST, and compare other responses between the simulation and measurements. Is that what you always do? Also, I don’t find a method on how to use the real wind speed data (in time series) to drive FAST simulation. Can you give a clue?


Dear Xiao,

Often validation of FAST against experimental data is performed statistically i.e. by binning the experimental data into certain sets of conditions (a given mean wind speed, turbulence intensity, shear etc.) and running equivalent conditions in FAST and comparing the results statistically (but not trying to match time series).

If you are interested in matching time series, you can use the measured wind time series together with the uniform wind files (WindType = 2 in InflowWind), whereby the wind can change in time but will be uniform across the rotor, or with turbulent wind files (WindType = 3 in InflowWind) by using the “TIMESR” turbulence model in TurbSim v2, whereby the wind time series can match at specific points (but not all points) in space.

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