UPWIND blade materials & geomtry

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First of all congratulations for this forum, it is very useful. I am studying the deflection failure on the wind turbine blades. I have done some analysis in a concrete blade, but I’m thinking about doing the analysis of another blades. The name of the blade is:

UPWIND blade (5MW)

I have the grometry of the blade, but I haven’t found the materials. It is supposed that the materials are in this article:

R. Nijssen, G.D.de Winkel, J.M. Peeringa. WMC5MW laminate lay-out of reference blade for WP3. Upwind Integrated Wind Turbine Design, 2007.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me findin it or another way to obtain the materials.

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Dear Eneko,

The UpWind 5-MW reference turbine is based on the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine, but the NREL 5-MW specifications as published by NREL do not contain the detailed composite layup and material properties.

I have heard of Nijssen’s paper, but I’ve not seen it available in the public domain (and I don’t have a copy myself).

There is a question regarding the NREL 5-MW blade here on our forum: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/structural-design-of-the-wind-turbine-blade/271/1. In one of the posts, I gave a link to a Sandia report that talks about groups that have reverse-engineered the composite layup and material properties based on the specified mass and stiffness distributions.

I suggest you contact the authors of these studies to find the data you are seeking. If you find the information, please post a copy.

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Ok, thank you. I will ask them

Hi guys,

this is a very useful link where you could find interesting information about Upwind blade materials and another interesting information!

upwind.eu/publications/3-rot … rials.aspx

I found there very interesting information, hope you enjoy it

Eneko Agirre