University research in structural testing


I’m starting a new job as a professor and I am looking to develop a research program, possibly in wind turbine structures. I have some background in full-scale blade testing, but for the last few years I’ve been focused on turbine loads analysis. The university has some good structural testing capability, with some coupon test machines, electron microscopes, large MTS actuators, and a strong floor. No room for complete utility-scale blades of course. So testing of coupons, small blades, and large blade sub-structures are possibilities. Would you please post any research ideas for this capability, if you are willing to share them.


Hello Scott,
I would like to wish a best of luck for entering in your new profession.

I am also from Blade testing and blade load analysis background. We have full scale blade testing capacity upto 65m blade.

Do you have any procedure on conversion of aerodynamic loads to testing loads? If yes, can yo share the same?


See report at:


Thanks a lot, Scott.

This document is very much useful for me. Similarly there may a document which describes the method for converting aerodynamic loads to the static test loads.

Can anybody share this document?

I’m not aware of a document that addresses this specifically. I might have discussed it in: … cend%27%29

There is also an IEC standard on blade testing. The main number is 61400 but I’m not sure what “dash” number it is, -23? This might also address converting the extreme load case (usually the driver) to a static test load. You may also want to contact Scott Hughes at NREL to discuss this.

I hope I may to use the doluments shared here.