Understanding the stresses and the loads

this might be a very trivial question but I was wondering if there is a source explaining more the loads and the stresses outputted on the blade and the tower
I mean there are names for many kinds of moments and forces however I am trying to understand how these stresses are happening to see if my results are realistic or not. I have checked the fast manual but usually, there are names of the forces /moment without a description to understand the meaning behind the moment or the force. I want to understand the stresses that are occurring to be able to know if my results are true or not
I am not sure if my point is clear or not

Dear Mostafa,

FAST does not directly calculate stress; instead, FAST calculates loads. For the blades and tower, FAST will calculate the reaction loads at various cross sections along the beam e.g. axial force, transverse shear forces, transverse bending moments, and torsion moment. These loads can be used to calculate local stresses using cross-sectional analysis. This topic has been discussed several times on this forum e.g. search for “stress”, “load”, and/or “cross-sectional analysis”.

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