unable to load imagehlp.dll

hello everybody

i have some new problem for using fast in simulink real time

i can build model in external mode with adding some lib in model configuration in simulink

but when i transfer my model to target this error appear

how can i remove this dependency

thanks a lot

Imagehlp.dll is part of the Win32 API (see c:\Windows\system32). It’s typically used for debugging, but even if you turn off all debugging features when you compile, there is still a dependency on this dll. It’s used if/when your code crashes. You can delay loading this library so that it doesn’t get loaded until your code needs it. I’d recommend looking at the compiling instructions for the FAST v7.02 LabVIEW interface (see UsingFAST4LabVIEW.pdf), which indicates compiling options necessary for delay-loading this library.

thanks for reply

i do some change in linker in visual studio and compile it

i use new object in simulink model and link that in configuration

when i build model in external mode this error appear