FAST_Sizes function

Hi everybody,

trying to figure out the cause of following Simulink error :

"Error occurred while executing External Mode MEX-file ‘rtwinext’:
Error loading real-time image: undefined symbol “FAST_Sizes” "

I found out that FAST_Sizes.c function does not exist. The headers of all functions are available in the FAST_Library.h file.
I think, if every function header availabe in FAST_Library.h, have their source Codes also available, the error above shouldn´t exist. Right?

Where can I find the C cource code the Fast Function?

Many Thanks

These functions exist in the FAST_Library.f90 (Fortran) file, which also needs the rest of the FAST source code (primarily in Fortran, but the MAP++ module is C code). In a typical Simulink mex-function, you’d compile (outside of Matlab) MAP++ as a dynamic library, then compile FAST_Library as a dynamic library that depends on MAP++, and finally link the FAST_Library in the mex file generated with Matlab. As I’ve mentioned several times already, External Mode is a whole different way to compile, so you’ll have to figure out what that means for the FAST_Library and MAP++ dynamic libraries.

All of this source code is in the FAST archive. There is a Visual Studio project that compiles the FAST_Library in the Simulink directory.