Unable to compile FAST in Intel Fortran Compiler

Hello all,

I have the intel fortran compiler 10.1.024 & I want to compile the FAST using that compiler. I am getting error messages & I attached the screen shot herewith.

Thanks in advance


When posting error messages from the compiler, please post the first error message(s). The ones at the end are usually just a result of the first file not compiling, so they don’t provide too much useful information.

That said, I’m guessing the first error comes in SysIVF.f90 and says something about the gamma function. You’re using a fairly old version of the Intel compiler, and it doesn’t support the f08 gamma() function. If you can’t use a newer compiler, you’ll have to replace the calls to gamma() in NWTC_gammaR4(), NWTC_gammaR8(), and NWTC_gammaR16() in SysIVF.f90 with something else. If you aren’t going to use HydroDyn’s multi-directional waves or the IceDyn module, you could just return 1.0 so it compiles. Otherwise, you’ll have to come up with a gamma() function.


Thanks a lot. The Intel Fortran compiler that I had was the 2008 version, so it was not supporting the Gamma() call. But FAST is working perfectly well in 2010 version compiler. Thanks once again for such a useful comments.