two mass model


I want to compare the dynamic response of the drivetrain of the model implemented in Openfast with that using the two-mass model
This is based on the 10MW Wind turbine model
Firstly the only parameter of the drivetrain I have altered is the inertia of the generator (I increased it by a factor of the gearbox ratio squared)
The stiffness and damping of the shaft is provided in the elastodyn file
the only parameter that I am unsure about is the inertia used to represent the rotor inertia
As I found a value of rotor inertia and it was very small.
How should I deal with this problem?
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Dear Cameron,

Are you asking what value ElastoDyn calculates for the rotor inertia? This is written to the ElastoDyn summary file, *.ED.sum, which is written when OpenFAST is run with SumPrint = True set in ElastoDyn.

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