TurbSim spectral model usage

I am currently reading TurbSim workshop 2008. May I have a question about the code use recommendations?
It says:
• Use preferred turbine design criteria with IEC NTM as excitation
• When design has reached desired level of completion run at least the TurbSim KHTEST option and compare the IEC results for the same hub-height wind speeds
Does the “IEC NTM” means the IEC NTM model with Kaimal spectral? It seems to me simulations with IEC Kaimal is necessary while other spectral models in TurbSim are recruitments and optional.

To simulate the IEC’s Normal Turbulence Model in TurbSim, you should use the IECKAI spectral model. In general, you should start with that model for your design. Later, you may want to use the other models to determine what–if any–difference the turbulence at a particular type of site may have on the turbine design.