Tracking wind-speed dependent target TSR value in ROSCO

The wind turbine I would like to model operates in Region 2 at a tip speed ratio that depends (significantly) on the wind speed.
After looking in the ROSCO code it seems feasible to include such an extension but I am wondering if I overlook issues or someone has already attempted to implement this and can share his/her experiences.
Thank you in advance, Duncan

Hi Duncan,

In this PR, we are developing a feature to change the rotor speed set point with wind speed: Power Reference Tracking by dzalkind · Pull Request #170 · NREL/ROSCO · GitHub

You should be able to convert your desired TSR vs. wind speed to the desired rotor speed vs. wind speed.

This tuning yaml should produce an input that tracks a given rotor speed vs. wind speed: ROSCO/IEA15MW_PRC.yaml at power_ref_tracking · dzalkind/ROSCO · GitHub

Please note that this feature is still in the development stage. Feel free to contribute or add comments to the PR on GitHub.

Best, Dan

Hello Daniel,
That is exactly what I need! Thank you so much.

Hello Daniel,
I prescribed the rpm for a set of wind speeds in the DISCON file and imposed a stepwise incrementing uniform wind field. The controller
behaves exactly like I expected:

Best regards,

Thanks for the positive feedback, Duncan!