torsional and axial stiffness of blade in FAST v8.12

Dear Dr. Jason Jonkman.

In FAST v8.12 manual, it was wrote that blade-shear, -extensional, and-torsion DOFs are included.
Does it mean that the torsional and axial stiffness of blade are considered in the FAST simulation if they are entered in blade data input file?

HyoungChul Kim.

Dear HyoungChul Kim,

The blade-shear, -extensional, and -torsion DOFs (as well as bending) are included in the BeamDyn module of FAST v8 (as other as other features not available in the ElastoDyn module). Included in the input files of BeamDyn are the full 6x6 cross-sectional mass and stiffness matrices.

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Dear Dr. Jason Jonkman

Thank you for your time!

HyoungChul KIm(Daniel)