To obtain the TMD displacement in Simulink with the newest FAST 8

Dear All

I am running the Simulink model provided by FAST 8 which is called “OpenLoop.mdl”. I modified the .fst file and corresponding ServoDyn file to include the Tower TMD and hope to see the displacements of TMD. After I include the outputs of tower TMD “TTMD_XQ” “TTMD_XQD” “TTMD_YQ” “TTMD_YQD” into the output list in ServoDyn file, I used a function block to extract these variables in Simulink from the OutData port. The expressions are u(strmatch(‘TTMD_XQ’,OutList)), u(strmatch(‘TTMD_XQD’,OutList)), u(strmatch(‘TTMD_YQ’,OutList)), u(strmatch(‘TTMD_YQD’,OutList)). But I got error message saying that the syntax of u(strmatch(‘TTMD_XQ’,OutList)) has some problem. But the expression u(strmatch(‘TTMD_XQD’,OutList)) worked fine and I can obtain the result of TMD_X velcotiy. I am wondering why I can not obtain the displacements of TMD?



Dear Xing Wei,

I’m not sure. Do you see output parameter TTMD_XQ reported in the list of output parameters in the FAST summary (.fsm) file and as a column in the time-series results (.out) file?

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