the parameters of Strain in blades and tower

Dear Jonkman,
when I searched the keyword “strain” in the OutListParameters file, it seems to that there is only the strain of the shaft and rotor. In the forum, I found that ElastoDyn.dat may own these parameters. What’s the meaning of TwrGagNd and NBlGages? How to get the output of strain in blades and the tower? Thank you.

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Gaoshuai WANG

---------------------- OUTPUT --------------------------------------------------
True SumPrint - Print summary data to “.sum” (flag)
1 OutFile - Switch to determine where output will be placed: {1: in module output file only; 2: in glue code output file only; 3: both} (currently unused)
True TabDelim - Use tab delimiters in text tabular output file? (flag) (currently unused)
“ES10.3E2” OutFmt - Format used for text tabular output (except time). Resulting field should be 10 characters. (quoted string) (currently unused)
0 TStart - Time to begin tabular output (s) (currently unused)
1 DecFact - Decimation factor for tabular output {1: output every time step} (-) (currently unused)
0 NTwGages - Number of tower nodes that have strain gages for output [0 to 9] (-)
10, 19, 28 TwrGagNd - List of tower nodes that have strain gages [1 to TwrNodes] (-) [unused if NTwGages=0]
3 NBlGages - Number of blade nodes that have strain gages for output [0 to 9] (-)
5, 9, 13 BldGagNd - List of blade nodes that have strain gages [1 to BldNodes] (-) [unused if NBlGages=0]
OutList - The next line(s) contains a list of output parameters. See OutListParameters.xlsx for a listing of available output channels, (-)

Dear Gaoshuai,

The ElastoDyn module of FAST / OpenFAST does not output strain directly; rather, ElastoDyn can output deflection at a node. The term “strain gage” is used simply to mark a node in ElastoDyn where response outputs (deflection, sectional loads) can be output.

The definitions of TwrGagNd, etc. have been discussed several times on this forum, e.g., see:

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