Tower gages position


I would like to investigate about displacements and accelerations of the tower at the base, middle and top.

In the …ElastoDyn.dat file, I put TwrNodes to 21, NTwGages = 3, and TwrGagNd = 1, 11, 21
Then I asked to compute deflections and accelerations for gages 1, 2 and 3.

What I hope I’ve done is to have a “sensor” at the base with gage 1, in the middle with gage 2, at the top with gage 3. The data I get out of them seem to confirm, but I can’t find any reference to be really sure. Is that what I did?

Ta very mu!

Dear Emanuele,

Yes, that is correct. This feature of ElastoDyn is best explained with the description of TwrGagNd in the old FAST User’s Guide:

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Could I know what does “Gage” here refers to? what type of sensor (accelerometer?).

Satish J

Dear Satish,

ElastoDyn enables you to output local loads (reaction forces, moments) and local motions (position, displacement, rotation, acceleration) at each tower “gage”. See the full list of outputs in the OutListParameters spreadsheet: … eters.xlsx.

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