Substructure modeling

I’m now trying to get more details of the platform modeling using FAST v7.02, especially Tripod and Jacket substructure.
In NREL model, there are focus on the monopile. It’s difficult to find the way and some examples to model these types of substructure.
Are there any examples and user guide to model these types of structures using FAST v7.02 ALPHA version ?

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Dear Anaphat,

FAST v7.02 can model offshore fixed-bottom monopile support structures, as well as floating wind systems with taut or catenary mooorings. But without modification FAST v7.02 cannot be used to model offshore fixed-bottom multi-member support structures such as tripods or jackets. The ability to model offshore fixed-bottom multi-member support structures is being added to FAST v8 through improvements to HydroDyn and the introduction of a new SubDyn module. While the initial version of FAST v8 has been released, we are still working on the HydroDyn-SubDyn coupling for hydro-elastic interaction of offshore fixed-bottom multi-member support structures. We expect to release an updated version of FAST v8 with this coupling functional soon. More information on FAST v8 is available from:

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