Strip theory problem for Activefloat


I am trying to model marine growth on a platform. My understanding is that I can only model marine growth using strip theory only, not potential flow models or hybrid models. I am trying to use the Activefloat 15 MW platform. However, when I try modeling strip theory vs the hybrid model with regular waves and no wind or current, I am getting differing platform responses in surge. To model strip theory only, I set PotMod to 0 under the floating platform section and PropPot to FALSE under the members section.

Can you offer guidance as to whether I am setting up the HydroDyn file wrong or if changes need to be made to the strip theory model to run simulations with only strip theory? For reference, I am using OpenFAST v2.4.0.


Dear @Katherine.Coughlan,

Just a couple comments first:

  • I would expect the potential flow-only model to match reasonably well to the strip-theory only model if your hydrodynamic coefficients are set up consistently between the models. Is that the case with your model?
  • I wouldn’t suggest setting PropPot = 1 with PropPot = False if your strip-theory members overflap your potential-flow bodies, otherwise you could double-count certain hydrodynamic terms. Can you confirm you’ve set up your HydroDyn model correctly?

Best regards,