Static Anlysis

Greetings to everyone in the forum.
I have a quick question in FAST. can we run a static analysis in it, that is with zero wind ,wave and currents?

Dear Krishnaveni,

There is no way in FAST to solve for the static-equilibrium position directly (without a time-domain simulation), but you can certainly set the wind speed and sea current to zero, set still water, and run a time-domain simulation to find the static-equilibrium position.

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Dear Dr.Jonkman

Thank you for your response and continued support as always.I tried to simulate default OC3 Hywind model with Uref =0m/s ,current velocity CurrNSV0 = 0m/s and still water with 0 Tp and Hs. I got the following error message. But when I set all these parameters to a very minimal value of about 0.0001 , I could able to run the simulation. I would like to get your advice on this.

Error message:
Running InflowWind (v3.03.00, 26-Jul-2016).
Opening InflowWind input file: .\test_case__static_V0_Seed1_inflow.dat

FAST_InitializeAll:InflowWind_Init:Steady_ValidateInput: Horizontal wind speed (HWindSpeed) for
steady winds must be greater than zero.

a FAST encountered an error during module initialization.
Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR

Aborting FAST.


Dear Krishnaveni,

I’m not sure why InflowWind doesn’t like HWindSpeed set to exactly zero, but it sounds like you found a suitable workaround. You can also disable InflowWInd altogether (which forces the wind speed to zero) by setting CompInflow = 0. If you wish to eliminate aerodynamic loads altogether (instead of using still-air aerodynamics, which still includes aerodynamic loads associated with structural velocities), you can disable AeroDyn by setting CompAero = 0.

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Thank you so much for your guidance Dr.Jonkman. Highly appreciate it.