FAST v8.12 Floating WT

Hi all,

firstly, thank you for the new and public v8.12 version of FAST, you have worked a lot since previous release!

I would like to know if with this new version is it possible to run with a wind direction of 60 degrees (let’s say) and wave direction of 80 degrees (let’s say) without modifying (recalculating) Wamit matrices (obtained every 20 degres)?, … better explained:
does wind direction has to be aligned with problem’s x-positive direction? This was a must in previous versions of FAST, which forced to recalculate Wamit matrices depending the wind/wave misalignment for non-symmetric floating platforms.

I ask this because I read: “Wind propagates in arbitrary directions” in the FAST v8.12.00a-bjj document.

Thank you for your time!


Dear Josean,

With the release of InflowWind v3 in FAST v8.12, turbulent wind no longer needs to propagate along the positive X-axis of the inertia frame. Instead, the wind propagation direction can be specified arbitrarily from the input file. See the draft InflowWind User’s Guide for more information:

I’m not sure I understand your question about recalculating WAMIT data, but when applying potential-flow theory within HydroDyn, the specified wave propagation direction must fall within the range of wave directions where data exists in the wave-excitation loads in the WAMIT output files.

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