Simulating Special Events for the WP 1.5 Mw


I want to simulate special events for the WP 1.5 MW wind turbine, used in the sample tests 11-14. But I can not find any information on the cut-in, rated and cut-out speed for the rotor and the generator. Is this information available?

Furthermore, when trying to simulate a motor startup for the 5 MW onshore wind turbine, I seem to get negative Rotor Power. What could be the reason for that negative values?

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I don’t have time to look for you, but this is the publication that documents the turbine:

As for the power, I would expect it to be negative when you are applying power to the rotor when you start it up. Positive power means energy is coming out of the generator–not going in.

Thank you Marshal for your quick reply!

I will look into that document.