Sea states - Wind Speeds

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I am about to run some simulations with FAST, using both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forcing. My idea is to use the sea-states defined in “Definition of the Floating System for Phase IV of OC3” (2010, Jonkman). My question is: are there any consistent wind speeds that I could couple with those sea states? Or better: are there any “wind-states” that might be related to those eight sea-states?

Sorry for posting this topic in this section, but I could not find any forum wave-dedicated zone.

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Dear Michele,

Typically offshore wind turbine structures are designed and analyzed using site-specific metocean data, including the joint probability distribution of wind speed (V), significant wave height (Hs), and peak-spectral wave period (Tp). There was no intent to supply this data in the OC3-Hywind specifications report. The “sea states” listed in that report are simply represent a typical range, but the associated wind speeds would be site-specific.

That said, one of NREL’s graduate students recently identified representative wind speeds associated with each sea state in that report (plus a few additional states to provide more detail) based on data off the US coastline of the North Atlantic to use in a research project. While the report has not been published yet, you can find the data in the table below. Please note that the wind speed (V) listed is the mean value at the 90-m hub-height of the NREL 5-MW turbine. But again, I caution you that this data is, in general, site-specific, so, may not apply to a site you may have in mind.

Hs Tp V
[m] [s] [m/s]
0.09 2.0 2.5
0.67 4.8 7.5
0.88 5.4 8.6
1.40 6.5 10.5
1.86 7.2 12.1
2.44 8.1 13.6
3.66 9.7 17.6
4.57 10.5 22.0
5.49 11.3 25.8
6.71 12.1 30.1
9.14 13.6 35.1
15.24 17.0 42.9

I hope that helps.

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Dear Jason,
that helped me quite a lot, since I can use reasonable wind speeds for each of the sea states. I will follow your guidelines.

Thank you so much!