RotorTorque, FAST interfaced with simulink


I’d like to know how does FAST compute the torque of the rotor.
I also have a problem when FAST is interfaced with simulink.I am working on my master thesis as an electrical engineer on wind energy. I made the model of the yaw control and variable speed control in simulink and it worked fine, but when I insert FAST in order to simulate the wind turbine the simulation is very slow. For example a simulation of 20s may take up to 45 minutes! In the beginning I thought that maybe it has to do with the sample time. I use in my simulink model a sample time of 10^-5 and in FAST a DT of 0.004. I put a rate transition block before and after the FAST block, but nothing changed. Have you any idea, of the cause of this problem?

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Dear George,

For information on how the rotor torque is computed in FAST, please see the forum post found here:

Regarding your long run times, I’m not sure I understand what you mean when you say, “I use in my simulink model a sample time of 10^-5.” Regardless, have you chosen time steps that are appropriate to your model? There are many good topics on this forum explaining how to choose a proper time step (DT) for FAST. But basically, the highest natural frequency in your model determines the required DT. Algebraic loops in a Simulink model are also known to cause long run times. More information and suggetions on how to resolve a problem regarding algebraic loops are availalable in the Simulink documentation and in the forum post found here:

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