Rescale Turbulent Wind Series to Match Unitary std

Hi everybody,

as said in one of my previous threads, I am coding a MATLAB tool with the same capabilities of TurbSim, at least for the Kaimal turbulent model.

Let’s say that I generally have two main questions:

  1. I’d appreciate to have a bibliographic reference discussing coherence formula for vv and ww components, since at the moment I introduce coherence only for uu component.

  2. Let’s assume that I already performed the FFT and I am to check standard deviation values for each triplet of time series (u,v,w): they won’t perfectly match the IEC values for standard deviations, so that I am wondering about the opportunity to scale them. One way would be to do:

Unew = 1/std(Uold)*Uold;
Vnew = 1/std(Vold)*Vold;
Wnew = 1/std(Vold)*Wold;

At the end of this process, the time series will perfectly match the theoretical values: but is this procedure phisically correct? Or could you please advise me a better and more realistic way to scale the time series?

I thank you in advance for any support.