Question about FAST 7

Dear all

I am currently using FAST 7 to do some simulation. There is a place in “NRELOffshrBsline5MW_TMD_v710.fst” file to include the platform file which is shown below. I am wondering if this is the place where I can define the properties of the platform and also the properties of the wave? If so, what is the template for the platform file? I found a file called “platform.dat” in the archive of FAST 7 where no wave information included. I am not sure if I can use the Hydrodyn file of FAST 8 in FAST 7?

Actually, I am not using the FAST 7 on purpose as I know this has been figured out in FAST 8. As I am trying to recurrent the simulation of other papers where they used the wave and wind excitation for offshore wind turbines.



Dear Xing Wei,

Yes, the hydrodynamic inputs (waves etc.) are specified in the platform file in FAST v7. However, the HydroDyn functionality of FAST v7 was never really documented, and thus, would only be used if you specified the correct keyword in the platform input file. You can find old FAST v7 models of the NREL 5-MW turbine atop various offshore support structures here: … Bsline5MW/.

That said, I would recommend that you upgrade to FAST v8 or OpenFAST if you are modeling offshore wind turbines because the hydrodynamic simulation capability is much improved and documented in the newer versions.

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