Procedure for modal damping studies

Dear @Jason.Jonkman Sir,

Can you list a procedure to develop modal damping estimates as in the attached picture from one of your publications with G. Bir on aeroelastic instabilities?


Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

You can calculate full-system natural frequencies and damping ratios through a linearization analysis in OpenFAST. Natural frequencies and damping ratios are typically plotted in terms of a Campbell diagram. The calculation of Campbell diagrams using OpenFAST is documented in the MATLAB- or Python-based utilities of OpenFAST: GitHub - OpenFAST/matlab-toolbox: Collection of Matlab tools developed for use with OpenFAST or GitHub - OpenFAST/python-toolbox: Suite of Python tools to work with OpenFAST.

FYI: NREL is in the process of simplifying the generation of Campbell diagrams with OpenFAST, as will be presented by Derek Slaughter of NREL at the upcoming NAWEA / WindTech 2023 conference. Stay tuned for more information.

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