Problems related to adm file

I am using following commands in *adm file to achieve platform pitching motion, acceleration and velocity. Also generator rotational speed and hub translational velocity along LSS. But after running it seems there are something wrong with them. Because the results are different with results accululated in *.plt file.
Could anybody tell me what is wrong with my added statements?

! adams_view_name=‘PltPtch_V’
, FUNCTION = AY(1000,1)
! adams_view_name=‘PltRVy_V’
, FUNCTION = WY(1000,1,1)
! adams_view_name=‘PltRAy_v’
, FUNCTION = WDTY(1000,1,1)
! adams_view_name=‘GenrtSpeed_V’
, FUNCTION = WM(3150,2140)
! adams_view_name=‘HubTVx’
, FUNCTION = VX(4000,1,1,1)

Any help will be appreaciable.
Best Regards,


Dear Mehdi,

I don’t have the time to check all of your functions, but to see how ADAMS-to-AeroDyn (A2AD) calculates the outputs written to the *.plt file using ADAMS functions, see routine CalcOuts() in A2AD_Mod.f90. You should easily be able to compare the functions used in CalcOuts() with the functions you’ve written to spot differences.

Best regards,