Problem in Simulating Test18 with Rated Values?

Hello Everyone,

I am simulating the FAST Test01_SIG.mdl model with TEST18 (5MW Wind Turbine) by assigning the Rated Parameters in the Input files.
I am unable to find the actual values for the following parameter:

in order to get same rated Torque and Power as mention in this manual
I have set other parameters by following this manual like GBRatio to 97, Generator Efficiency to 94.4%, but unable to get these Rated Generator speed, Torque and Power as output from FAST function

I am expecting,


Please help me in this matter.
Sami Ur Rehman Khan.

Dear Sami,

The NREL 5-MW turbine does not have a torque-speed relationship similar to that of a the simple induction generator (SIG) model. If you wish to use the SIG model, you should make your own assumptions for your own purposes.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thanks for clearing the point. By assuming some values it works absolutely fine for me.