problem in running Test03 to Test25

i have problem by using Fast in simulink. i can run Test01 and Test 02 but when i want to run Test 03 i see this error
The expression: u(strmatch(‘LSSGagVxa’,OutList))
in ‘Test01_SIG/Fcn’
has a syntax error
i study related link ( but i cant find an answer to solve it. to find the place of problem i change the test03 in form of Test01 to solve the problem.
by changing CompAero =1 and using AeroFile=“AWT27/Test03_AD.ipt” and EDFile=“AWT27/Test01_ElastoDyn.dat” the fault is removed and system is run. i though that the problem is related to Aerofile in v14 and v15 but this is not work on Test04.
i want design a pitch controller on test 25 but by this fault i cant do it. could you help me…
thank you

Dear Ali,

ElastoDyn output LSSGagVxa is included in the OutList of Test01 and Test02, but not Test03. Does adding LSSGagVxa to the ElastoDyn OutList of Test03 solve the problem?

Best regards,

Thanks dear Jason
I found the out list parameter file and I use this parameters for solving the running problems and another control goals.
Best regards