oc3 hywind model test

Dear Jason
I find it is difficult for me to correctly modify the parameters of mooring or others in FAST, when I am trying to comparing it with a OC3 HYWIND model test.
In the model test, four very soft elastic moorings were applied to the platform to keep it in station, which are out of water. Moreover, water depth has been changed. Please help me, thank you.
Best wishes

Dear Baoxuan Wang,

It looks like you are using MAP++ for the mooring lines, which is probably the best choice for simulating your experimental setup. I am not very experienced with MAP++, but I think it can work for mooring lines that are above the water like in your case. For information about how to set up the input file, the best resource is the MAP++ documentation available here: map-plus-plus.readthedocs.io/en … _file.html

The situation would involve:
One linetype with properties that match the characteristics of your elastic mooring lines.
Four “fix” nodes for the anchor points (specify their actual z coordinate rather than the “depth” keyword).
Four “vessel” nodes for the attachment points to the platform.
Four mooring lines going between the fixed and vessel nodes.


Thank you very much for your kindness