NREL UAE Turbine Blade Geometry


I am currently in the process of modifying the leading edge of the NREL Phase VI blade to study (and validate) the effect of flow control (air jet vortex generators) over the baseline blade.

First of all, my sincere apologies in advance if this query or similar has been discussed before, I have done a search and found queries only requesting the entire blade geometry, whereas my problem is dealing with the ‘transition’ region of the NREL Phase VI Turbine Blade - where the blade cross section transitions from a circle to the S809 aerofoil.

Here are some brief points explaining where I currently am with geometry generation:

  • Currently, the 3D surface of the Phase VI blade is being generated - with data referenced to Table A-1 in the Phase VI test report.

  • The sections with the main portion of the blade that has the S809 aerofoil profile and the cylindrical root hub has been constructed.

  • There is difficulty with the generation of transition region between the cylindrical root hub and first S809 aerofoil radial position: i.e the three radial positions (1.008, 1.067, 1.133) which have been provided in the table above (within the transition region), and thus the leading and trailing edge lines of this section are attained.

  • The tool (CATIA v5) used to extrapolate the transition section, guided by the leading and trailing edge lines is obviously way off (wrong) - PIC 2 & 3.

  • Without the LE & TE guidelines, and a simple point to point extrapolation leads to a reasonable surface, but it is obviously wrong because it does not follow the guidelines PIC 4.

  • Are the X & Y chord wise positions of the transition surface for the three radial positions mentioned above available?

We realise that the staff at NWTC are time constrained, and therefore highly appreciate any assistance whatsoever with this matter.

Best Regards,

Jay Bhatti
MEng Aeronautical Engineering
PhD Student at City University London