New versions of FAST, ADAMS2AD, AeroDyn, and NWTC Library

We have recently uploaded new versions of several of our NWTC CAE tools to our Web site:

FAST v7.01.00a-bjj (,
[b]ADAMS2AD (A2AD) v13.01.00a-bjj /b,
[b]AeroDyn v13.00.01a-bjj /b, and
NWTC Subroutine Library v1.04.01 ( … nwtc_subs/).

Changes include:

  • FAST and ADAMS2AD have several new outputs:
    [list] Spn<1,2,…9>FL<x,y,z>b<1,2,3> - local force in the blades
    TwHt<1,2,…9>FL<x,y,z>t - local force in the tower
    Spn<1,2,…9>TD<x,y,z>b<1,2,3> - local translational deflection of the blades
    Spn<1,2,…9>RD<x,y,z>b<1,2,3> - local rotational deflection of the blades
    TwHt<1,2,…9>TD<x,y,z>t - local translational deflection of the tower
    TwHt<1,2,…9>RD<x,y,z>t - local rotational deflection of the tower
    TwHt<1,2,…9>TP<x,y,z>i - global translational position of the tower
    TwHt<1,2,…9>RP<x,y,z>i - global rotational position of the tower
  • FAST has new outputs for internal DOFs, first time derivatives (D) and second time derivatives (D2):
    Q[D,D2]_B<1,2,3>E1, Q[D,D2]_B<1,2,3>F1, Q[D,D2]_B<1,2,3>F2,
    Q[D,D2]_Teet, Q[D,D2]_DrTr, Q[D,D2]_GeAz,
    Q[D,D2]_RFrl, Q[D,D2]_TFrl, Q[D,D2]_Yaw,
    Q[D,D2]_TFA1, Q[D,D2]_TSS1, Q[D,D2]_TFA2,
    Q[D,D2]_TSS2, Q[D,D2]_Sg, Q[D,D2]_Sw,
    Q[D,D2]_Hv, Q[D,D2]_R, Q[D,D2]_P, Q[D,D2]_Y
  • The Excel spreadsheet, “OutListParameters.xlsx”, in the FAST archive contains details on these and the other outputs.
  • Relative file names in the input files are now considered relative to the directory containing the input file (not the current working directory).
  • AeroDyn’s tangential induction output now contains the tangential induction instead of all zeros.
  • AeroDyn’s InflowWind routines now allow HH wind files with only 1 line of data.
  • FAST2ADAMS datasets have been modified to contain new/renamed markers and arrays.[/list:u]
    For a full list of changes included in these codes, please see the “ChangeLog.txt” files in their respective archives. Changes to these tools should result in only negligible (if any) differences with previous simulation results.

Because we have not had the time to update these code’s respective user’s guides, we have temporarily left all but the NWTC Subroutine Library as alpha versions.

Please use our forums to leave questions or comments.

Happy Modeling!