MLife Fore-aft DEL calculation

I read a lot of posts in the forum but couldn’t solve my doubt.

In the CertTest files from Mlife the following formula is used to compute TwrBsMyt:

FileInfo.CalcChan(2).Name= 'OSTwrBsMyt'; FileInfo.CalcChan(2).Units= '(kN·m)'; FileInfo.CalcChan(2).Eqn='timeSeriesData(:,12)+timeSeriesData(:,7)*10';

with timeSeriesData(:,12) = RootFyc1 and timeSeriesData(:,7) = OoPDefl2.

To compute the DEL for tower fore-aft bending do I use the formula above or simply get the TwrBsMyt from OutData?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Leonardo,

I agree that the equation using RootFyc1 and OoPDefl2 doesn’t make any sense. I looked at the mlife_certification_tests.m script (which I have not used myself) and I’m not sure where the time series are coming from, but from the equation, I would have guessed that channel 12 is a moment and channel 7 is a force such that the moment is calculated as the sum of a moment and a force times a moment-arm of 10 m.

Regardless, for TwrBsMyt you don’t need to do any calculation because TwrBsMyt is one of the outputs directly available from the ElastoDyn module of FAST.

Best regards,

Thank you Jason,
perfect than, is that the formula made me a little confused!

Thank you very much!