Meshing at openWarp

Dear all,

I was trying to use openWarp soft to mesh some floating structures but the output file is not saved in the directory specified in the manual.

Directory: “src\openwarpgui\user_data”

I saw to contact Michael Lawson with questions but the link does not work properly.

NREL page: []

If someone could help me I would be grateful.

Best regards,

Hi, Joe.

I just tried the link to contact Mike Lawson, and didn’t have any issues. Could you tell me what browser you are using, and clarify what you mean by “the link doesn’t work properly?”


Hi Bonnie,

And thanks for your attention.

The browser that I use is Chrome, but I had test it with others too.

What I mean by “the link doesn’t work properly?” is that I could not contact with Mike Lawson by clicking that link. But I tried now again and it works well.

I want to ask him some issue that y have using openWarp.

Thank you again for your fast answer.

Best regards,