Meaning of "stored value S" in wtDigiTwin output

Dear All,

I am testing the wtDigiTwin (digital twin module).
When I run wtDigiTwin/example/onshore_OFLin/, I see a graph titled “stored value S” and I do not understand what this title means.
The graph itself is Thrust and Wind speed.
I would appreciate it if someone could help me.

Best regars,
Wataru Mochizuki

Hi Wataru,

The digital twin has different kind of variables (I might get their names wrong here, it’s from the top of my head), u: the inputs, x_hat : the estimated states, y_hat the estimated outputs, and also s: some additional stored variables that are not part of the output vector (to reduce the size of the system). The wind speed and thrust are stored in this “storage variable” s.
I believe, if you run with OpenFAST, the digital twin also has a concept of “clean” states and outputs, which are basically the values from OpenFAST that we are trying to estimate using a subset of inputs (possibly with noise).

I hope that helps a tiny bit.

The repository was definitely left in a draft stage, and we will likely not provide much technical support for it. You’ll likely have to make your way through the code to see if there are things that you want to reuse for your particular application. But feel free to ask questions about it.

Dear @Emmanuel.Branlard ,

Thank you for the useful advice !
I understand that this module is in draft stage.
I think it is a very interesting tool and I will continue to test it.

Best regards,