Matlab Simulink Error Message

Dear all;
I am just learning the interface between FAST and Matlab simulink nowadays…
Really i faced some little problems, like this problem:
i have followed the steps in the USER’s guide (pages 35 and 36) until i wrote “Simsetup” into the MATLAB command prompt and then wrote the name of my input file (Test12.fst), then i opened the example Simulink model “OpenLoop.mdl”, Finally, click on the Play (►) button in the Simulink

But this error message was appearing

Thanks in advance

Dear AbdelRahman,

An error regarding “obtaining sizes” is a pretty generic Simulink error message that just says Simulink didn’t initialize the FAST S-Function properly. It could be caused by a number of different things… like the FAST S-Function wasn’t terminated properly on a previous run, the *.mexw32 file is incompatible with the version of MATLAB you are using, an input file wasn’t found, or an input parameter is set improperly (or anything else that could cause an error in FAST’s initialization). Does the MATLAB command window contain additional info as to why the simulation aborted?

Best regards,

Dear Jason;
Firstly, Many thanks for your response and your support.

This is the Matlab’s message

thanks in advance

Dear AbdelRahman,

The error message is quite clear on what the problem is–set TPCOn to 0.0 to make use of pitch control within Simulink.

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I’m sorry ,Truly The message was clear. the problem was solved

Thanks a lot Jason