Material Properties

Hi all,
I am attempting to carry out a modal analysis of the NREL 15-Mw wind turbine. I’ve been looking for the properties of each of the materials used on the turbine and the locations of where each material is used. For example the what is the Youngs modulus of the bedplate or the hub.
I’ve been able to find the masses of each of the components of the turbine on the “Definition of the IEA 15-Megawatt Offshore Reference Wind turbine” but can only see Youngs modulus for the Monopile and tower.
Any help finding these properties would be much apricated
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Hello James,

Your question is a good one and a known deficiency in the initial release of the IEA Wind 15-MW Reference Wind Turbine. The drivetrain mass and material properties were not well documented and actually inconsistent between the report and various model implementations. We are drafting an update to the 15-MW repository that will address these flaws.

Let me know if you cannot find the information you are looking for.


Hi Garrett
I think I found everything I was looking for in what you sent
Thanks very much for your help

Hi Garrett
I know that file has the properties of the individual materials of which the blade is made up with. Is there any documents which give the Young’s modulus of the blade with all materials which changes along the length of the blade (as you move away from the hub)
Thanking you

Hi James,

We compute the cumulative elastic stiffness properties (EA) of the blade along the span. You can find this in the tabular data in the repo Documentation folder or even in the OpenFAST blade input files. Finding an equivalent Young’s modulus isn’t needed for the structural or aeroelastic analysis, so that isn’t provided. I believe this is usually called “Rule of mixtures” and there are multiple approaches out there.


Thanks for your help!
Think I’ve managed to get it sorted


The wind turbine yaml-based ontology file lists the materials for the components and also has a section for a material properties library.

Material of the tower:

Material of the bedplate:

Material definition for steel:

Material definition for cast iron:


Hi Garrett,
Thank you for all your help you have been a huge help,
Last question I promise but is there anywhere that gives the stress strain curves of the materials mainly the cast iron.
I know there is some information on MatWeb but cant seem to find the stress strain curves, I need them for a pushover analysis.
Thanking you in advance

Sorry, that is outside the scope of what we usually need and not part of the reference turbine design. Similar to you, we also rely on MatWeb or other web searches.

No problem Thank you for you help