LPV state-space model using FAST and MATLAB

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I’m trying to derive a LPV state-space model for WindPACT1.5MW using FAST code. I’m able to obtain linear state-space model for different wind speeds(say from 4m/s to 25m/s) using FAST. Now I’d like to know how can I get a parameter variant model(the variable is wind speed) having these matrices?
It seems like we have outputs and inputs of a function and we’re going to find the function rule.

F.A.Shirazi .et al,“Wind turbine integrated structural and LPV control design for improved closed-loop performance”, International Journal of Control Vol. 85, No. 8, August 2012, 1178–1196
In this paper(and some other papers) the dependency of every element of the matrices to the variable is obtained by studying physical equations of motions. But I don’t know how can I derive these relations and equations if I enable another set of DOFs or use different state vectors, input and output vectors.

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I’m not sure; your question falls outside my area of expertise. Hopefully someone else on this forum can respond.

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