Linking C-source object files with FAST

Does anyone have experience linking C source code object files with FAST fortran? Specifically, I’d like to link C-source generated turbine control functions into FAST. Is this possible? Has anyone done it?


Tobias G. Wehrhan
Oak Engineering, LLC
Davis, CA 95616

Dear Tobias,

Included in the source code of FAST is set of routines written in source file BladedDLLInterface.f90 that can be used to interface control logic written in a DLL for use by FAST. The interface, specifically, uses the same format as the controller DLLs used by the GH Bladed software. Regardless, while I have only written DLLs in Fortran, the DLLs could just as easily be written in C. See the “Compiling FAST” chapter of the FAST User’s Guide for information on how to compile FAST with the BladedDLLInterface.f90 source file. And see the “Controls” chapters of the FAST User’s Guide for information on the GH Bladed-style DLL control interface.

Best regards,

Dear Tobias,
I do not link the obj file with FAST but I’ve written my control in C++ and compiled as DLL. FAST(the version compiled with BladeDLLInterface.f90) looks for a compiled DISCON.DLL which source could be FORTRAN, C/C++ or something else, important is following GH BLADED’s specifications for that DLL. You can find these directives and examples in Appendix A and B of the BLADED’s manual.