Dear Sir,

I would like to add the LIDAR module to FAST8 for my feedforward controller design tests.
However, have a little bit of difficulty in finding relevant information on how to change the S-function, OutList and OutData, and code settings :bulb:

Could you please provide me with any documentations or instruction on how to start to implement LIDAR in FAST8 from the very beginning?

Thanks for your attention.



There is a little bit of documentation on using the Lidar module in FAST8 for Simulink here: … ulink.docx

Dear Bonnie,

Thanks for the document you shared with me.
here is Have few more questions:

1- For the LIDAR implementation, [3, UseLidar, LidRadialV] should be added to the S-function.
Does this mean we should modify it as: [3, 1, 0] for a normal LIDAR application?
or should “1” and “0” for UseLidar, LidRadialV be fed to the S-function from the Simulink?

2- where do we introduce the output channel called “WindMeas1”? (Is it specified in the in the InflowWind file?)

3- the LIDAR focus position in X, Y ,Z direction : how do I get this information? Is there a default LIDAR model for this set-up?

4- What other output channels are available when adding the LIDAR? (from a different forum page at , I read about the “(LidSpeed)” is this an input in “InflowWind” file or is it an output? How is it related to using LIDAR in FAST8?)

5- Are there any other adjustments necessary ?


Dear Bonnie,

I need to know the wind speed information before it hits the turbine at around 20 to 30 points at a given instant in a given plane so that I can control the turbine in a better way.

I am able to implement the LIDAR module but I still have a few problems with finding wind information in a plane before it hits the turbine.
I used the CW LIDAR option.
‘WindMeas1’ is the wind velocity in which direction and at which point?Is it at the set focus?
I need to know the velocity of the wind at various points in a plane before it hits the turbine at a given time instant.
I just need the wind speed in the x direction.
Please may you tell me as to how I can get the wind speeds at at least 20 to 30 points in a plane in the x direction at a given time instant using the LIDAR module.

In case I want to know the exact wind speeds at these planes as compared to the measured values what should I do?

Is there any major problem with the LIDAR module ( as its not documented) ?

Best Regards,