Is Fast.Farm included automatically in an openfast conda installation?

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I have installed openfast as a conda package as per instruction, and I can run it without problem.
Now, I want to do Fast.Farm simulations, but I have not understood whether this module has been included automatically in my openfast conda installation or not. Actually, the documentation mentions Fast.Farm installation only in terms of compiling from source. I have found a conda-forge package called farm, but could not figure out whether it is really openfast Fast.Farm module or something completely unrelated.

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And I am using OpenFAST on a Ubuntu Linux workstation.

Hi @Henny.Bottini FAST.Farm is not currently distributing through Conda, but there is work in progress on this.

When it was initially released, I tried including FAST.Farm in the conda build system but the memory overhead to compile FAST.Farm was more than the automated conda build system could support. Luckily, I left that pull request open in the openfast-feedstock repository and I was able to easily try it again yesterday. After some minor code changes, it does look promising. It could be that the conda build CI was upgraded in the past year. In any case, it is not functioning yet, but you can keep an eye on the progress at Add multiple targets to the build by rafmudaf · Pull Request #15 · conda-forge/openfast-feedstock · GitHub if you’d like. Each cycle is very slow since I have to wait for a few very large programs to compile.

Thank Rafael for your exhaustive reply.

Along with the conda package, I have also a compiled version of OpenFAST on my Linux WS, and I have successfully run my first test case of FAST.Farm with it. So no much of a problem for me if I can not (yet) use my conda installation for FAST.Farm.

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Hi @Henny.Bottini I’ve completed the changes to include FAST.Farm through conda and it looks like everything has worked out well. You can now get FAST.Farm as well as all of the other module drivers with conda install openfast.

And in case anyone was watching closely, it was this pull request in the OpenFAST Conda-forge repository that did it: Add FAST.Farm target to the build by rafmudaf · Pull Request #21 · conda-forge/openfast-feedstock · GitHub

I referenced another one above. That one is similar and still in progress.