Interface Openfast in Simulink

Dear all
I am trying to interface the OpenFAST with Matlab/Simulink as “FAST_SFunc.c”. However, many errors have been arisen in Matlab command windows every time I run Create_FAST_SFunc.m (attached in

also, I tried to include some files in the matlab workng directory as:

But the errors still persist as in text file

Did any one experienced this kind of errors? (25.2 KB) (2.95 KB)

The error you are showing indicates that the path to FAST_Library.h is not correct in the mex command.

That said, the OpenFAST interface to Simulink has not worked after NREL moved from FAST8 to OpenFAST (the error messages in your attachment refer to this problem). I initiated a pull request to fix it last year, but it never was merged and now has conflicts with other changes that were merged later. You could try this version: Or maybe just comment there so that someone from NREL takes the time to merge the code into the dev branch.