IEA 10MW Turbine Simulation


I am using OpenFAST v3.0 with IEA 10MW offshore wind turbine. I have formatted the original data files to the files that support openFAST v3.0. I am simulating in parked condition by changing required options in (Aerodyn, Servodyn and Elastodyn). However, I am getting the following error. Could anyone help me with this (I am unable to upload files).

Satish J

Dear @Satish.Jawalageri,

As of OpenFAST v2.6 and newer, which treats the hydrostatic loads on strip-theory members analytically exactly based on the displaced motion of the hydrodynamic analysis nodes, joints defined in the HydroDyn input file are not permitted to cross the still water level. Based on the error message you have received, my guess is joints are placed too close to the still water level considering the displacements of the joints.

Which offshore substructure are you modeling? Can the joints near the still water level be moved?

Best regards,