Help needed regarding Harp_opt

It is my first time using this software for designing small scale tidal turbine blades of 500W. I want to use NACA 63(3)-618 in my blade design. My settings in Harp_opt GUI are attached below. Now my first question is that how to use data of my own above mentioned airfoil in this software. However for now i was using default settings in Airfoil/Hydrofoil distribution, i still get error when it tries to create initial population. No feasible found. I tried this with unchecking ( hydrokinetic turbine option, to check cavitation) but still it doesn’t work. So how should i apporach this or what can i change i am completely new to this. I will really appreciate if you can help.

anyone ? jason jonkman ?

The airfoil files should be in the same format as WT_Perf and FAST (NWTC Library format). Modify the airfoil text files to match similar to all other NREL codes. Or just open any of the airfoil files included with HARP_Opt and replace the data with your own airfoil data (text file editor, or copy-paste Excel method).