HARP Opt Error Troubleshooting

I am in the process of designing a 1m scale model turbine to be used for wake development research. I am running into some issues with the parameters using HARP_opt v2.00. I am seeking input regarding my parameters and scaling in an attempt to get the HARP code running. I have attached screenshots of the GUI input and the resulting error codes.

My troubleshooting has included testing the airfoil input files using the 1MW example turbine parameters. That worked fine so I don’t think the airfoil input files are the problem. The scaling is based on the 5MW Reference turbine with the chord range from 1-3x the scaled chord to minimize reynolds number effects. Does anyone have an idea to get this working?

Thanks in advance!

Gavin Hess
University of New Hampshire

hi Gavin,

Because you are designing a blade with circular root section, you should also give additional airfoil file for the “circle”. And then set ThickVals = 100 14, where the 100 refers the 100 % thickness airfoil. The code is then going to blend between the circular airfoil and NACA 14% thick profile that you provided.

hope that helps!