Generating FF turbulent wind file mean wind speed

I am planning to simulate an actual load case based on the data obtained from K13 deep water site. In the report, it has a lumped scattered diagram that correlates mean wind speed and Turbulence Intensity (Ti) to occurrence (pp117), as shown in the attachment.

So far the turbulent wind files I generated from TurbSim are based on a single mean wind speed and Ti. I would like to check how can I generate a wind file consist of a distribution of mean wind speed and Ti with at different occurrence frequency?

Besides, may I know if TurbSim can support user defined turbulent model? I read the User Guidelines, and it states it is not supporting at this moment, not sure if there is any new version that can do so?

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Kok Hon
UpWind Design Basis Table 59.pdf (144 KB)

Dear Kok,

The theory of TurbSim is built around the assumption that the wind is stationary over the course of the TurbSim simulation. By “stationary,” I mean that the wind is assumed to be of a fixed mean speed and turbulence intensity. TurbSim should be run separately for each mean wind speed and turbulence intensity desired. Please see the following forum topic for related information:

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Dear Jason,

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