FASTv7 and Bladed4.3 Comparision

I transform the BladeV4.3 wind Turbine model to the FASTv7 moel ,I calculated the FASTv7 ,and make a comparison. but I don’t know the result whether it is reasonable .it seems the result seems smaller than BladedV4.3.

Is it reasonable about the result ?
I have a question about builting FAST model , what is the difference about the AeroDynamic Twist and Structure Twist ? If I know only the AeroDynamic Twist,whether is it reasonable to set the same data to Structure Twist.
Hope your suggestion!
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Dear Ruiliang,

I would hope that FAST v7 and Bladed v4.3 could match better than your example plot, but I cannot guess as to what the source of the differences is.

The aerodynamic and structural twists are defined in the following forum topic: If you only have data on one of the twist distributions, it is often common to assume that both twists are identical.

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