FAST question about noise


I’m trying to learn more about noise computation. Basically I’m using the 1.5 MW WTG from the examples with the Aero and CompNoise flags set and the rest as default, so the timestep is 0.005s

Now my question…" is the 1/3 octave spectrum reliable?"

correct me if I’m wrong… how can I “reproduce” a 22000Hz sine wave if I’m time marching with 1/0.005 = 200Hz frequency … I mean, the 1/3 spectrum is always provided up to 20kHz and more but is that ok also if the step is not as small (so the freq as high) as supposed for the “sampling theorem” ? (audio bandwith is approx 22kHz wide, so 1/(2*22k) = 2.3e-5s )

maybe I’ve missed something in the source code…

thank you in advance for your help



The code uses an empirical relationship developed by Brooks, Pope, and Marcolini (1989) to produce the amplitudes of noise levels in third octave bands, but doesn’t directly calculate the sound waves. So, the calculation is independent of the time step used in the simulation.