Dear Jonkman,
I fixed the issue by rolling back the version to 3.4.1.
Thank you!
Dong Zhiyan

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

As you advised, I tried to output wake slices of wind turbines by enabling OutAllPlanes.

In spite of activating yaw control of upstream wind turbine, the curled shape of velocity fields were not observed.

However, in low-resolution box visualization, the deflected wake of WT1 is observed.

Is it helpful for the issue of high-resolution box visualization?

For the detail, I attached wake slices of two turbines where the WT1 is yawed 30 degrees and low-resolution box.


Wonsuk Han.

Dear @Wonsuk.Han,

Which wake plane are you showing for T1–is it the one closest to the rotor? I would suggest setting k_VortexDecay to 0.0 to see if that helps.

FYI: I still see signs of a numerical instability in the wake calculation of T2.

Best regards,