Hi all,

I have received an error when analyzing a floating platform using Wamit matrices as input for HydroDyn in FAST v7.02.d The error message:

forrtl: severe(59): list-directed I/O syntax error, unit -5, file Internal List-Directed Read
Image PC Routine Line Source
FAST.exe 0117c670 Unknown Unknown Unknown
… … … … …

The error does not appear when I am not taking into account the floating platform and I put “0” in the support (inside .fst file). I guess the problem could come from HydroDyn or the calculated Wamit matrices…

Could you help me?

Thank you!

Hi, Josean.

Could you post the rest of the error, please? Looks like you’ve found some code that didn’t trap an error in an input file. I’m hoping the rest of the error message will tell us what line the error occurred on so we can fix your input file.


Firstly, thank you for your help. It is well apreciated!

I attach a screenprint of the error.

Thanks again.
FAST error.jpg

That’s not a very useful traceback, is it? Looks like we’ll have to try to find the error another way.

First of all, the error tells me that it’s trying to read a line from an input file that is the wrong format. Usually this means it’s trying to read one type of data but found another (e.g., it’s looking for a number but found a string instead). It could mean there was NaN or Inf in an input file when it’s trying to read numbers, or it could mean that it’s trying to read a string (like a file name) that contains blanks or punctuation but the string isn’t enclosed in quotes.

There are a few things you can do to isolate which line may be causing the issue: (1) Try setting “Echo” to true in the primary FAST input file. Then run FAST and see what the last line in the .ech file is when it crashes. (2) Compare your input files with something that does work and see if there is a difference in what is on each line.

Hi Bonnie,

the problem was due to a mistake in Wamit files, I did not erase these files’ titles… That was all!
I apologize for making you waste your time.

Thanks for your help,