DTU 10MW - High Loads under normal power production settings

Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice regarding some high loads I am seeing for normal power production conditions (DLCs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3).

I have been looking to analyse hub loads for the DTU 10MW under said power production LCs but despite the simulations running fine, I get some high load responses for both RtAeroMxh and the rotor speed (often goes beyond the rated rotor speed of 9.6rpm).

I’ve attached a couple of graphs (hopefully they are clear and have uploaded correctly) for an example from 1.3 (mean ws of 22m/s and with ETM applied) although this behaviour can be observed for any power prod load case at most wind speeds. I am aware this is an older RWT so the problem may lie with the controller (pitching motion also appears quite extreme).

Any advice on the above is appreciated and can provide more information if required.


Dear @Dylan.Duncan,

I don’t have much experience modeling the DTU 10-MW reference wind turbine, and you haven’t stated what software you are running (presumably OpenFAST) or your input file settings. But nothing from your results stands out as unexpected either for an ETM DLC at 22 m/s.

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for the reply. Apologies for the missing information, yes I am using OpenFAST (v2.4.0 as the DTU model is a bit older). I double checked my input files and don’t see anything noticeable barring the fact that I had set my initial pitch angle to 0 when it should be higher for 22m/s, although I had cut off the opening 30s of the simulation so I think that resolved itself before the outputted time-series.

My concern was prompted by the excess rotor speed and loads which leads to a mechanical power that far exceeds 10MW. In some instances for example, there are spikes with the rotor speed where it goes well above the rated speed (as high as 11.4rpm). It could just be my own lack of understanding but is that a realistic response? If so, is there a rule of thumb for judging if the loads are excessive? I’d imagine inertia plays a role with sudden load spikes and as long as the system stabilises and Gen Power is reasonable then there is no issue.

Dear @Dylan.Duncan,

Thanks for clarifying, but I have nothing to add at this time.

Perhaps someone with more experience running this DTU 10-MW reference wind turbine model can comment.

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Hi Dylan,

In this link, there are a lot of documents & publications about the DTU 10 MW

One of them is called: Wind turbine models for the design.
It is about developing the FAST model for this turbine. Maybe you can find some answers there.
Your pitch angle seems like in accordance with what is shown in that document.


Hi Salur,

Thank you for the link, there are a lot of useful documents there.
I agree, it seems like my response lines up fine with the literature.
I still feel like some of my loads look quite high to me but that could just be a lack of understanding on my end. Will proceed with post-processing and go from there.

Thanks again!

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Hi Dylan,

Actually I could also ask you a question :slight_smile: At the moment I’m trying to run the DTU 10 MW turbine, as well, but getting errors about the .dll file. I found online “dtu_we_controller_bladed.dll” and “dtu_we_controller.dll” , not sure which one is correct but none of them works.

I suspect that they are compiled for a 32 bit system, but mine is 64 bit. Did you compile the .dll yourself or found one online ?

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Yeah they are compiled for 32bit (or at least the file I used was). Can’t remember where I found that specific file but I think I used one from here https://rwt.windenergy.dtu.dk/dtu10mw/dtu-10mw-rwt/-/tree/master/. I didn’t do any compiling at all.

I used OpenFAST version 2.4.0 because I think that is the last version that had a 32bit exe (might be wrong there though)

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Thanks for the response Dylan,

I also got the files from that link you shared. I use a 64 bit system, and the error I got does indeed say:
“Check that the file exists in the specified location and that it is compiled for 64-bit applications.”

Therefore, I found the source code here: OpenLAC / BasicDTUController · GitLab
Trying to compile now myself, getting some compiler errors etc. but let’s see, I’ll fight a bit more :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Best of luck :+1: . I’ll probably have a go myself in the near future, hopefully we can get some good results out of it.

Thanks Dylan, I got in touch with some people in DTU regarding this, and they seem responsive. Let’s see if they can help.

In the meantime, I just use the DISCON from 5 MW but replaced the parameters (like rated power, speed etc) & recompiled to make it fit to DTU 10 MW, and it works OK. at least can be used for basic tests.

Best regards,

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